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Make a game room that your employees will love.

Rent a Pinball Machine for Your Game Room

  • Employees Play for Free

  • Better Mental Distraction than Video Games

  • New Machines Every 6 Months

  • All Maintenance & Repairs Included

  • Low Monthly Rental Rates

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Employees Love the Uniqueness of Pinball

Employees love pinball because it's something fresh and different that they don't typically get to play. With a rental plan from The Pinball Room, employees enjoy a new pinball machine every few months so they never get bored of the same old game room games. Not only are pinball machines a fun diversion, but they help make a company game room feel more exciting than just another office with a foosball table in it.

Pinball Rental is a Cost Effective Perk

Compared to other game room options, employees typically spend less time playing a pinball machine than other games while also feeling more refreshed and better able to focus than after a session of playing video games or pool. The average employee only spends between 15 to 20 minutes playing pinball when taking a break. 

Buying a new pinball machine generally costs between $7,000 - $15,000, and that doesn't cover the on-going maintenance that they require. Whereas, renting a pinball machine ends up less than the 3-year depreciation rate a company would account for.

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